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Pokhara, Nepal

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The first leg of my Nepal trip brings me to Pokhara. Pokhara is located in the western region of Nepal and is commonly known for two things —

Phewa Lake

Phewa Lake is the stunning glacier feed lake nestled in the valleys of the Himalayas.

 The Annapurna Range 


Six of the world's highest mountain peaks can be seen from Pokhara. This is also where trekkers and climbers start their climb on the Annapurna Circuit Trek. 

I am here for a personal project which is not related to Gypsied. (I will share at a later time!) Meanwhile, here's Pokhara in pictures. 



Lakeside is the area around Phewa Lake. It spans around 4km in distance and is lined with all kinds of guesthouses, eateries and hole-in-the-walls. It is the touristy part of the city, but not without its Nepali charm. It is still very much true to the way of life of here, starting with the abundance of stray cows and buffalos on the road.

These animals can't be harmed or slaughtered, as the majority of Nepalese are Hindus.

In and around Pokhara

The Nepali Diet

The main Nepali diet is a meal called Dhal Bhaat, consisting of rice, beans cooked in gravy, basic vegetables, and meat curry. This meal contains enough carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins for the whole day. For snacks, Momo (like dumplings) is a popular option. 

Getting blessed in a special ritual

As I am here on a personal project, I've been to a number of Nepalese homes. While modest, the Nepalese are warm and big-hearted. Every visit to a Nepalese abode is accompanied by food and merriment. They do not have much — Nepal is very much a country plagued by poverty along with many issues both social and economical. But you can't judge people by how much they have. It is by how much they give. 

Next stop: Bhairawa, Lumbini, the birthplace of the sacred lord Buddha.


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