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Our Story

Transforming Asia's best batik and heritage textiles into beautiful products for a conscious lifestyle.

Gypsied is a conscious label from Singapore that transforms heritage textiles into beautiful products for a conscious lifestyle. We explore the intersection of culture and identity in modern times, breathing new life into batik and handwoven textiles in our designs. Each product we make embodies a positive new narrative for today’s women — conscious, thoughtful and open to new experiences.

Since 2013, we have discovered rural communities in South East Asia where textiles continue to be a vital form of expression and textile-making a way of life. Supporting these guardians of tradition play a vital role in our brand, as we work to both maintain the region's collective heritage and contribute to a sustainable standard of living for artisans.

Gypsied works closely with textile artisans, textile cooperatives and expert craftsmen. The personal relationships we build and maintain with our partners are a big part of who we are today. This process of sourcing and production is in tandem with a climate of growing awareness in ethical production and sustainability.