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Our Story (Version 1)


For the Dreamers. Believers. Adventurers.

The wild and the free. The ones who celebrate life, and everything in it.

Live. Love. Laugh


Gypsied began as The Turband Shop in the Spring of 2011 on Etsy. In May 2013, it was renamed to become Gypsied. With the manifesto Live, Love, Laugh, Gypsied creates turbands and accessories that embody the characteristics of the free spirit — bold, joyous, carefree and lighthearted. 

The world is our oyster: People, cultures, history, nature — and a dash of the bohemian. We are inspired by all that we see and feel. 

Gypsied has been featured on several websites and blogs, including, a design-centric store based in California. Everything on Gypsied is handmade with love and care in our studio in sunny Singapore, South East of Asia.



Aqilah Zailan is the creative force behind Gypsied. While most women turn to a pint of Ben and Jerry's or a designer handbag, her path to checking out of heartbreak hotel started with sewing. After a few stints under her father's makeshift sewing workshop held in their apartment, the Business Management graduate honed her skills to create movement where colours previously lay flat on cloth. What started as a side project grew to amass a loyal following greater than her native Singapore, with customers from as far out as America, Europe and the UAE.

Her star product, the turband — a marriage between a turban and a headband, aligns with Gypsied's roots as a design house that is both traditional and contemporary. Cohesively, it is also a testament to Aqilah's spirit and the environment she lives in — partly free-spirited, yet partly grounded.